Mountain of Montserrat

The Natural Park of Montserrat, is the most recognizable natural landscape of Catalonia. There are numerous legends about its landscape and mountains.

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Historically it has been one of the most representative of Catalan identity associated with the uniqueness of its mountains and the defense has always been carried from the monastery of the Catalan language and culture.

The main attraction of the mountains as well as the curious shape the mountains have, is the monastery dedicated to the Mare de Deu de Montserrat built in the eleventh century. Enclave monks both collection and reflective life as pilgrims with different purposes for the virgin.

The spirituality of the park can be found in other places besides the monastery, as the 13 chapels built in the vicinity. Pilgrims get to visit the park are thirteen chapels, known indulgence as a reward for his perseverance and Catholic devotion.


If we analyze the geology of the park of Montserrat we must stop as it could not be otherwise, in the mountainous group that has given him worldwide fame and makes it a truly unique place.

The origin of the mountain of Montserrat is located 50 million years ago, where we imagine the current zone as a submerged marine gulf where many rivers have their mouth.

The course of these rivers carrying sediment among them pebbles (stones rounded by the flow of the river) that just by configuring a unique mass.

Later this whole Gulf submerged fruit of a major geographical processes of the planet, the Alpine orogeny, broke the surface of the earth.

The mass landmass was exposed to different terrestrial phenomena such as rain, wind, frost ... that with the passage of time were forged Montserrat appearance currently presented.


The mental image we all have of Montserrat, are rock formations that have given fame, but if we go into the trails and road we can find a nature that keeps us more of a surprise, such as the rich and beautiful oak forests.

We also found a large number of bushes, through the dense undergrowth, moist forests allow oaks emerge.

Some of these plant formations that can be found are the buckthorn, sarsaparilla, durum, honeysuckle among many other species.

In the higher elevations of the park between 1200m and 800m shrubs and trees give way to the grass. Among the species that can be found are: goldenrod, betony, mountain tea and wild strawberries.


With the animal species that it is the same plant species, little or nothing is known about them, but if we move beyond its rocky mountains will discover a wide variety of animal species typical meditarrenean climate.

Despite this, the increasing human presence in the park has been threatening species, this is especially critical around the fire place in the park tube in 1986.

These are some of the species found in the park today:

• Mammals: wild boar, red squirrel, marten and the genet.

• Amphibians: gecko, snake Iberian solution, long-tailed lizard, among numerous other such species.

• Birds: the group of animals are most visible and largest park. Represented by: the Alpine Swift, crag martins, thrush and wood pigeon.

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