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If there is a lung near Barcelona, ​​a space that offers oxygen and do more tolerable the air in the city, we must talk about Collserola Natural Park.

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Collserola is the natural park in Catalonia, which has a greater number of leisure activities available to visitors. You can find some of the routes Collserola at the end of the article.

Human presence in the park dates back to prehistory, which remains mainly found Iberian people, with examples such as: The n'Oliver Ca Iberian settlement, the oven Iberian Iberian town Penya del Moro.

Subsequently, and in medieval times, steep, rough and uneven relief building castles favored to defend its citizens. Throughout the entire park area covering can find four castles: Penya del Moro, Castellciurió, Castle and Castle Fortí Papiol.

The gathering offered the park in medieval times, a bit away from the city, between nature and mountains, boosted a unique apareción espirutualised that has always accompanied the Collserola Park.

The monks and clergy found here a quiet and recollection space. The result of this growing interest, numerous chapels and churches proliferated as Santa Margarida de Valldonzella, Sant cebrià d'Horta, Santa Creu d'Olorda, Vallvidrera Santa Maria, Santa Maria de les Feixes, The Health of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Temple Tibidabo, Ermita de la Salut, Ermita de Sant Adjutori.


The park has a size of approximately 11,100 ha, with a maximum altitude reaches 512m.

The Collserola ridge is formed as a result of movements of the crust, that set the park's rock formations, among which are the igneous and metamorphic rocks.


Collserola Natural Park is particularly rich in habitats, we can find up to 5 of these clearly differentiated are:

• Forestry: consisting basically three different types of forests.
• Forests of Pinewoods (basically composed of dense Aleppo pine
undergrowth, where can we find oak).
• Forests Encinas (adapted to the times of drought, the understory is bleak and
find sparse vegetation).
• Encinar with Robles (find these two mixed species, predominantly
The Oaks)

• Bank: This environment is formed by the Sant Measuring the Riera Rierada Vallvidriera and the torrent of Sant Iscle and Riera de Sant Cugat.

• Aquatic: consisting Can aquifers spaces and Vallvidriera Borrel.

• Scrub and Brolla: these habitats to be found more often distributed around the park.

• Meadows: is the area that has been damaged by human activity. It is the area closest to the whole park to Barcelona, a fact that has benefited this human exploitation.


The most common tree species in the park are the oaks, pines and especially the carrasco pine.

In humid environments the vegetation is completely different, here we find species like hawthorn or emborrachacabras. As we approach the water areas we can find species like: gatelleda, willow, ash grove, poplar and countersink.

The bushes of the park are mainly represented by three species:
• Macchia: dense, evergreen and a height not exceeding 3m in height.
• La Garriga: height less than a meter high, especially dense preventing the passage of sunlight through vegetation and hence growth in the understory
• Brolla: located in particularly dry and where the light has great presence. It can reach a height of over a meter.


In animals, the group most represented in the Collserola Park is that of birds, with a total of 130 different species. Some of the most visible are the tits, robins and doves torcacs.

In the park we can find mammals, more can be seen is the squirrel, in addition to these we find the voles, or boars increasingly abundant. Another species is much less visible such as broom, that only makes an appearance during the night.

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For rural tourism in the Natural Park of Collserola and visit with tranquility and time, we suggest you visit our list of accommodations in the province of Catalonia where is the park, see our cottages in Barcelona.
You can also check the farmhouses related by proximity to the park.

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