Park Cadí Moixero

The Natural Park of Cadi Moixero is one of the most extensive natural parks in Catalonia. It occuppies Barcelona, Girona and Lleida.

Berguedà, Barcelona Tot l'any


The park's name refers to the two mountain ranges that are together, on one hand the Cadi and Moixero on the other hand. These are linked by the pass (lowest point between mountains) called "Tancalaporta"

The park besides being very rich in resources and species of all kinds, has a rich legacy of human presence in their domains, especially in regards to medieval buildings, two good examples are the core of Baga or the Bellver Cerdanya.

Besides we can find some medieval buildings of a religious nature are of particular importance belonging to Romanesque, such as the Benedictine monastery of Sant Llorenç or Talló church.

The park in 1906 had an illustrious guest, as Picasso was staying at the only tavern of the time, in Gósol. Here the young Picasso paint some of his works.

Geological Interest

In what refers to the geological interest, we can find in the park rocks of all geological periods.

One of the most important sites of the rock is rhyolite. A rock type function resulting from magma of a volcano, with a characteristic color between gray and red.

The Natural Park of Cadi Moixero, was once a place where mining operations were conducted, which is why we find a mine of oil and other related activities.

The Segre and Llobregat are the two main rivers that flow through the park. We also found the presence of underground water, caves (Four of Bor) and small potholes.


The forests are very well preserved, highlights the importance of red pine, spruce, beech and black pine.

The subalpine meadows are particularly important, especially when it comes to local livestock operation is concerned, since it is their main area of pasture.


The vegetation of the park, with over 1,500 groups of organisms, changes depending on the point much higher than we are.

At the highest points subalpine meadows found the above. Descending highlights the presence of black pine and beech forests.

Animal Species

The park contains a wide variety of animal species ranging from fish, amphibians, mammals, birds and shellfish.

Some species have recently been reforested such as the deer. Thanks to these concrete actions has achieved significant repopulation of these species communities.

The best known species is the black peak, park logo image plus name the magazine spreads. It is part of the group of the woodpeckers, completely black.

Contact Information

You can go to the Documentation Centre, which will provide the most complete information about the park.

Horari: 9am to 14pm Monday to Friday.
Address: c / La Vinya, 1 08695 Baga
Contact: [email protected]
Tlfn: 93 824 41 51


· Tours of the Park (Official)
· Park Roads (Wikiloc)
· Schedule of Activities
· Places of Interest
· Activities in the Park
· Park Map (PDF)

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