One of the pearls on the Costa Brava in Catalonia. Beaches, small coves and charm with international demands.

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The village of Begur, is one of the main attractions to be found in the Catalan Costa Brava, a charming village we add the attractive beaches and landscape (mainly attributable Begur massif.

Its heritage goes back to prehistoric human remains. Sample also found a human settlement that dates back many years ago, is shown is championed by the Castle of Begur and defense towers dwells piracy.

1. - What to visit?

The places to visit, or yes, in Begur are:

Begur Castle: from the medieval period, presiding over the town of Begur.

Indian Houses: stand in front of the other houses. Colonial style. They belonged to the so-called Indians who migrated in the nineteenth century to the Americas, and returned to Begur with large fortunes.

Tower Defense: dating from the XVI century. They were used for surveillance and protects its visitors against attacks from the sea of pirates.

Sant Pere Church: main village church.

Esclanyà: small town in the municipality of Begur. A quiet, lovely Romanesque nucleus, the small church of Sant Esteve or fourteenth century castle.

2. - What to do?

In Begur find numerous recreational activities to fill your time. Here are some!

Beaches: the first list it because it is definitely the most attractive. Pristine beaches surrounded by mountains and forests. Some larger and smaller. In total there are 8 beaches are these:

- Northern section: Here are the beaches of Platja del Raco (more extensive), Illa Roja (nudist beach) and Sa Riera (closest to town).

- Tranche this: find Aiguafreda beach, along a small harbor, perfect for diving. The other beach is Sa Tuna, rocky beach, on the road to Ronda, crystal clear waters.

- South Tranche: in the zone south of Begur, find the three remaining beaches. Playa Fonda, remains intact component of unspoilt, hidden among the relief. Cales de Fornells, are different limes are connected by way of Ronda, coarse sand and clear waters. The last of the beaches is the Aiguablava, with fine sand and clear waters.

Activities related to the sea: from the different beaches offer all kinds of entertainment (diving, kayak, snorkelling, boat trips ...)

Hiking: perfect to visit the town among its streets, or explore some of the forests surrounding the town.

Camino de Ronda: near the beaches, probably the best known of Begur. It covers small and narrow roads that surround the coastal area in different sections and were used to observe and protect the people from possible attacks by sea.

3. - Time

Weather in Begur

If you want a house near to enjoy both the town, we recommend that you visit our cottages in the Baix Empordà and farmhouses in Girona.

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