Sky Resort La Molina

La Molina is one of the most popular resorts for the Catalans, plus one of the oldest. Over 50km of tracks.

Cerdanya, Girona


1. - The sky resort La Molina

The ski resort of La Molina, is a major one in the Catalan Pyrenees. Throughout his more than 50 year history (one of the oldest), has been one of the busiest ski by the Catalans.

Among all catalan tracks is probably which more hosts international events, highlights the Snowboard World Championship, hosted in 2011.

One of the main current commitments La Molina, is to adapt the track and equipment for people with disabilities, in this sense, is currently collaborating with the Johan Cruyff Foundation. Specifically highlight the advances made in alpine skiing.

Tracks and Price Summary

The resort has a total of 45 tracks, adapted according to the level of the skiers in the following way.

In the two most basic levels of green and blue runs found a total of 11 and 13 tracks respectively. People with a more advanced level will find red and black tracks, with 15 red and 6 black level.

The total amounts to miles of trails for skiing are of 55km.

The one-day pass adult is priced around 40 €.

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Check the Ski slopes of La Molina.

Contact Information:

Edifici Gondola, s / n
17537 La Molina, Girona
Phone book, Informació 972 89 20 31
Fax 972 14 50 48

The ski resort of La Molina are located in Alp region of Gironés.

If you are looking for accommodation to enjoy their tracks, we recommend you to take a look at our cottages in Girona.

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