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The High Pyrenees park contains the highest peak in Catalonia, the Pica d'Estats.

Pallars Sobirà, Lleida


The High Pyrenees Natural Park, is by extension the largest of all the parks in Catalonia, with a total of 70,000 hectares. Nestled in northern Catalonia, extending from the area located to the west with the Vall d'Aran and Andorra in the area located further east. Located in the region of Pallars Subirà, which has a greater extent and in the Alt Urgell.

Inside the park we found the highest mountain peak in all of Catalonia, the Pica d'Estats to 3143 meters above the sea.

Historically in the park has always been human presence, observed with small towns, such as walled towns and Vilamur climbed, churches and parishes or concrete infrastructure such as mills, mills or lofts.


In the natural park of the High Pyrenees, we can find a wide variety of landscapes, partly due to the vast expanse of this, which favors the existence of a number of different landscapes.

They emphasize the beauty of its forest valleys, the best known are Bonabé Valley, the Valley of Arreu, Santa Magdalena Valley and the plain of Boavi.

Other notable landscape features of the park are forest Noarre Virós and that is the landscape that has resisted better the impact of man.


The park features a variety and diversity of species, a reflection of this are the many habitats.

The elements which interfere in this range are high altitude of over 3000m therefore favors the existence of any kind of layers, as well as the amplitude of the park (the largest of all of Catalonia). We found:

· Lakes and rivers: includes all types of hydrographic natural elements such as rivers, lakes etc.. Those located at higher altitudes, find their fulfillment in the summer months, the result of the deglaciation of the mountains.

· Alpine Meadows: provides the most rugged mountain scenery and hard, we found above 2,400 m altitude. The species to be found here are specially prepared for climatological zone hardness.

· Mowing meadows: is the place where we find a greater number of flowers around the park as well as the entire ecosystem that lives with them as butterflies, bees ...

· Diversity of Forests: find coniferous forests, upper montane, subalpine.

· Scrub supraforestales: consists mainly of shrubs

· Flora rocky adapted: Treat of the most rocky, is found in the high points of the park, and where it becomes more difficult the emergence of vegetation. Species are adapted to grow between rocks.


Varied vegetation with a figure close to 1,500 species. In areas with lower elevation oak and find Eurosiberian type vegetation (belonging to a climate ocenanico)

In midlatitudes appear red pine forests and meadows different. In the higher areas and black pine and at altitudes even higher plant species adapted to rocky areas.


In the wide diversity of animal species include mammals, since it is here that we find the greatest number of animal species communities across the territory of Catalonia. It is also the scene of an animal that can only be found here, it is pallaresa lizard that lives in the high mountain areas of the park.

The birds most prominent are the golden eagle and the bearded vulture.

The mammals of the park include the wild boar, chamois, roe deer or even grizzly bear presence.

In areas with water find species such as trout, muskrat of the Pyrenees or the otter.

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For rural tourism in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees and visit with tranquility and time, we suggest you visit our list of accommodations in the province of Catalonia where is the park, see our cottages in Lleida.

You can also check the farmhouses related by proximity to the park.

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