First, after checking the availability with the holiday cottage, you have to proceed with a prepayment in order to confirm the reservation. Once in the establishment, you will pay the outstanding amount. You will clearly see both prices on the website.

How to book?

  1. Find the house you're looking for, indicating dates and number of people. You can also short the cottages by types of services. Fill out the form attached and send pre-booking.
  2. The cottage will confirm its availability to Somrurals (in less than 24 hours). Then we will contact you to inform you about the bank details to make the wire transfer of the prepayment.
  3. This deposit must be made within 72 hours from the confirmation of establishment. The concept of the deposit must include the name of the client that has sent the request.
  4. We will send to you the detailed confirmation together with any other documents required
  5. Your rural tourism adventure in Catalonia has just started!

Pricing Policy

All the prices published on the website include VAT. Price and availability are provided by the owners of cottage.

The prices you can find on the website are distributed as follows.

The initial price Person/ Night can change at the time of filling the form of pre-booking, according with the room selection.

Adding a night

If you want to extend the number of nights of your reservation, it will depend on the availability of the holiday cottage. The payment of the adding days at your reservation will be paid directly at the cottage, as part of the outstanding amount.

You can directly contact us for adding more nights at your reservation.

Cancellations and refunds

If a reservation is cancelled, a percentage of the deposit - which varies according to the notice period - is withheld as a penalty.

Days before noticed Percentage penalty
0 - 7 100%
8 - 15 75%
16 - 30 50%
31 days before 0%

Reservations made throughout the year, if they have any affectation related to COVID19 (access restrictions, confinement ...) have FREE CANCELLATION , up to 1 days before the date of entry and the full refund of the deposit will be made .