About Somrurals.com

Somrurals allows you to get in contact with nature in Catalonia, where you can enjoy the amazing landscapes that offers this region located in northeastern of Spain. You will spend a peaceful stay in our rural houses.

The meaning of "Somrurals", a Catalan expression, can be translated as "We are rural people". With this we want to express, how connected we feel with rural culture.

You can book your holidays cottages in our website with all the security.

Our premises are offering a website which connects nature and people who wants to enjoy it, renting a holiday cottage in Catalonia, and sharing all the related information and activities available.

Somrurals | Your Holilday Cottage in Catalonia

Book your Holiday Cottage

Somrurals helps you to find your holiday cottage in Catalonia, checking availability and prices, at the search you can also short by facilities and services.

We take a lot of care about the information published for any establishment, just to show relevant and real information about what are you going to find at you arrival. You can check pictures, text information and also video from some establishments.

You just have to fill the pre-booking form, linked to any of the holiday cottages, to start the booking process.

Find out what you can do and see

At the website you can also discover all the places you can visit and activities you can do to enrich your experience in Catalonia.

You will find out all the things to do, including hiking, horse riding or places to visit, those are good examples of the information we publish on the website.

Still connected with rural world in Catalonia.

Your trip doesn't have to be finished when you check out at holiday cottage.

From Social Media, we publish updated information related with Catalonia so you will just have to choose the best moment to come back!

Your rural tourism adventure in Catalonia has just begun!