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With Somrurals you can book a rural house in one of the towns in this region known for having wonderful natural environments. In addition, it has many monuments that belong to the historical heritage. Without a doubt, it is a region that has all kinds of charms.

What should we know about Anoia?

La Anoia is a region that is located in the province of Barcelona with great monuments and landscapes. It borders other regions such as: Alt Penedès, Alt Camp, Conca de Barberà, Segarra, Solsonès, Bages and Baix Llobregat.

Looking at the ranking of the size of the Catalan counties, with a total of 866 square kilometers, it is ranked number 14. It also has more than 117,000 inhabitants and a total of 33 municipalities. Some of the best known are: Igualada (capital), Ódena, Calafat, Sant Martí Sesgueioles and Masquefa.

If you don't know how to get to the region, don't worry, we will explain the simplest ways to access it:

Car. The A-2, one of the best-known highways, crosses the region and passes through municipalities known as Jorba or Bruc. These two even have service areas that have a store and gas station. In addition, main roads such as C-15, C-25 or C-37 also pass through the region.

Bus. As one of the main highways passes through it, there are different bus lines through which you can enter the region. The best known are: E5 (operated by Hispano Igualadina), L0371 (operated by Hispano Igualadina) and T7 (operated by Masats).

Plane. If you are coming from abroad and want to arrive by plane, you can do so using one of the following terminals. Anoia is located: 80 km from Barcelona El Prat, 90 km from Reus-Tarragona, 105 km from Lleida and 150 km from Girona Costa Brava.

Train. Igualada, the capital, has a train station through which the R6 commuter line of Barcelona passes, operated by Ferrocarriles de la Generalidad de Catalunya. The line departs from La Plaza de España in Barcelona and goes to Igualada.

Regarding its geography, we can distinguish three different entities: the Ódena basin, the Montserrat plain and the great Calaf plateau. Another aspect to highlight is that large rivers run through the region such as the Anoia, also known as Noya. 

The 5 towns that you must visit before leaving

This region is known by many as the region of castles. We can find them in different municipalities. Also, they all have great sights. We recommend that you visit the following five:

Igualada. It is the capital of the region and is the most populated municipality of all. It is a town with a great medieval tradition that has different historical monuments, such as Tossa de Montbui. Likewise, we also recommend the church of Santa María or the Asilo del Santo Cristo. The latter are located in the old part of the city. In the new part, we can find other places of interest such as the Verdaguer promenade or the cemetery park.

Ódena. If we like something about this town, it is its castle. Although little of it is preserved today, just a tower and a wall, you can glimpse the great beauty it had. Also, on the outskirts of the municipality, we can find the remains of a Roman villa. In the different population centers we can also visit churches such as Sant Bernabé or San Miguel.

Castellolí. Although this town does not stand out for its number of inhabitants, since in 2020 it had only 626, it is well known for being one of the best-known circuits in Catalonia: the Castellolí parcmotor. Therefore, if you are a lover of cars and / or motorcycles, we recommend that you visit it. Competitions, races or exhibitions are frequently held.

San Martín Sasgayolas, in Catalan Sant Martí Sesgueioles. It is a municipality that has different names, because in addition to the above, it is also known as San Sebastià de les Gaioles. Although like the previous town, it does not have a large population, we like its two churches. On the one hand, we can visit that of San Miguel from the 18th century or the remains of the church of San Martín.

Masquefa. In this town we can see the Masquefa castle which, although it is in ruins, is considered a cultural asset of national interest. Likewise, you can also visit the church of San Pedro, of Romanesque origin.

Similarly, the following towns also make up the region: Argençola, Vilanova del Camí, Vallbona, Santa Maria de Miralles, Sant Pere Sallavinera, Sant Martí de Tous, Veciana, Torre de Claramunt, Santa Margarida de Montbui, Pujalt, Els Hostalets de Pierola, Orpí, Montmaneu, La Pobla de Claramunt, Jorba, Rubió, Els Prats de Rei, Piera, Bruc, La Llacuna, Carme, Calonge de Segarra, Cabrera d'Anoia, Copons, Bellprat, Castellfollit de Riubregós, Capellades and Calaf. 

What to do during our stay in the Anoia region?

In this region we can do all kinds of activities. The most common and preferred by most people are:

Visit of castles. As we have mentioned, the Anoia region is considered by many to be a land of castles. In addition to those that we have already mentioned, you can also visit the following: Caramunt castle (in La Pobla de Claramunt), Cabrera castle, Freixe castle (Piera), Tous castle (in Sant Martí de Tous) or the castle of Montbui (in Santa Margarida de Montbui). Some of them are very well preserved.

Visit of natural environments. If something surprises us about this region, it is its beautiful landscapes. We love the Nafre well (in Copons), the Cabrera de Anoia waterfalls or the La Fou de Tous waterfall (in Sant Martí de Tous). To get to the latter, you can follow a beautiful route through forests that lasts approximately one hour.

Motor park. If you like the motor world, in Castellolí there is a circuit where you can watch batches, races and competitions. In addition, from time to time they hold events where you can see exclusive motorcycles and cars.

You can also enjoy the gastronomy of the area and adventure sports such as: balloon rides, routes or the paintball area that we can find near the Castellolí circuit.

Somrurals is from Anoia, and you?

In addition to this, they also make up Barcelona Alt PenedèsOsonaAnoiaBaix LlobregatBarcelonèsGarrafMaresmeBerguedàVallès Occidental y Vallès  Oriental.

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Frequent questions

How much does a rural house cost in Anoia?

The prices of a rural house in Anoia may vary depending on the time of year and its services. We have simpler houses and very complete houses with all kinds of services. Usually the price for a weekend is between € 25 and € 50 per person and night on the weekend.

What are the main rural tourism areas to visit near Anoia?

The most popular areas among people who book a house in Anoia are:

2.- Cardona

What are the best valued and relevant houses?

Among all the rural tourism houses of Anoia in Somrurals, which have received a higher average rating, evaluating different aspects of their stay, by our clients, we find these options

1.- SR-413
2.- SR-414

The most recommended options to go as a couple?

These are the rural houses of Anoia as a couple, with a better evaluation. The most valued aspects are privacy, as well as charm and authenticity.

1.- SR-413
2.- SR-414

The best options to go in a group?

The rural houses in Anoia for groups, stand out for offering spacious spaces, and a number of rooms that make it easy to host groups. The most popular are

1.- SR-415
2.- SR-419

How to book a house online in La Anoia with Somrurals?

On the Somrurals website you can book your rural house in Anoia online. By using the date and number of people selector, you will be able to see the prices online and complete the reservation, with the advance payment of the amount of the reservation. You will receive all the information on your phone.

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