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From 30 Person / Night
Instant Booking
4 - 8 persons, 3 Rooms, 2 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Air conditioning
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Near Nature Reserve Family / Children Sea / Coast
From 26.88 Person / Night
Instant Booking
10 - 16 persons, 5 Rooms, 3 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Near River / Lake Paperback Groups
From 27.79 Person / Night
Instant Booking
14 - 21 persons, 8 Rooms, 9 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Air conditioning
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Sea / Coast Romantic Near Nature Reserve
4 - 9 persons, 4 Rooms, 2 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Barbecue
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Paperback Economic Family / Children
8 - 11 persons, 4 Rooms, 4 Bathrooms
Terrace Air conditioning Barbecue
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Mountain Near River / Lake Family / Children
12 - 26 persons, 5 Rooms, 2 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Fireplace
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Stage companies Groups Near Nature Reserve
From 28 Person / Night
8 - 12 persons, 5 Rooms, 5 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Air conditioning
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Charm Sea / Coast Family / Children
7 - 14 persons, 6 Rooms, 7 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Air conditioning
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Family / Children Groups Charm
12 - 19 persons, 7 Rooms, 5 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Air conditioning
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Isolated Mountain Near Nature Reserve
18 - 24 persons, 9 Rooms, 9 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Air conditioning
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Charm Groups Sea / Coast
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Somrurals offers you the opportunity to enjoy this region by booking rural houses. You can enjoy its beautiful landscapes located in the northeast of Catalonia. In addition, by limiting with France, you can also visit regions of this country while you are staying in Alto Ampurdán.

What should we know about the Alt Empordà?

Alt Empordà or Alto Ampurdán is a region that is located in the province of Girona. It has a total area of 1,357 square kilometers, which makes it the fourth largest region in Catalonia.

Thanks to its large area it houses up to 68 different municipalities, the best known of which are: Figueres (capital), Roses, L’Escala, Castelló d’Empúries and Vilafant. In addition to limiting with other Catalan regions such as: Garrotxa, Pla de l’Estany and Baix Empordà, it borders France to the north.

The most used ways to get to this region are the following:

Car. The C-65, C-31, C-66 and C-252 roads cross the region.

Bus. Buses leave from the main cities of Catalonia to this region. In addition, line L1 bathes Figueres and through line 405 we can go from Roses to Figueres.

Plane. The main Catalan airports are at the following distance: Girona-Costa Brava 45 kilometers, Barcelona-El Prat 165 kilometers, Reus-Tarragona 245 kilometers and Lleida 290 kilometers.

Train. Figueres, being a very populated place, has a fairly large train station that offers different types of services: high-speed long-distance trains, medium-distance trains (leaving from Barcelona) and commuter trains (RG1 commuter line from Girona that departs from Hospitalet de Llobregat and goes to Figueras).

Regarding its geography, we can highlight the Albera and Salinas mountain ranges in this region. In addition, it is part of the Axial Pyrenees (nucleus of the mountain range). For this reason, it has different peaks and peaks: Neulós, Roc de Frausa, Roc del Comptador, etc.
It is also noteworthy that there are two large rivers in it: Muga and Fluviá. Thanks to the first, the Darnius Boadella reservoir of 363 hectares of surface and 60 cubic hectometres of capacity was built.

The 5 towns that you must visit before leaving

Since there are a total of 68 municipalities in this region, it is difficult to choose just five. We have chosen the ones that we present to you taking into account the total population and the number of places of interest that they host:

Figueras, Figueres in Catalan. It is the capital of the region and the most populated municipality of all with more than 45,000 inhabitants. The most notable places of interest are: the castle of San Fernando built in 1743, known for being the largest architectural monument in Catalonia, the church of San Pedro in the Gothic style and the Salvador Dalí tower museum.

Rosas, Roses in Catalan. It is one of the most touristy and thanks to this its population has grown a lot in recent years. It has two places of interest that we love: the citadel of Roses and the castle of the Trinity. On the one hand, the citadel is a fortification dating from the seventeenth century and in which you can see Greek and Roman remains, etc. On the other hand, the Castillo de Poncella or Trinidad is another fortification. In the latter case, it is from the 16th century.

L’Escala. It is in this municipality where the Greco-Roman remains of what was the city of Ampurias are found. You can visit the early Christian basilica, the Asclepius enclosure and other ruins.

Castellón de Ampurias, Castelló d’Empúries in Catalan. It is another town with a great history and in which we can find all kinds of civil heritage buildings: fish market, prison, hospital, customs, Carlist tower, laundry, etc. Likewise, it also has a great religious heritage.

Vilafan, in Catalan Vilafant. It has different population centers and all of them are well known: Vilafan, Les Forques, El Camp dels Enginyers, Nucli Antic and Arengada north and south. We highlight as a place of interest the church of San Cipriano built in the 12th century and the set of Iberian and Roman remains.

In addition to the five above, there are also other well-known municipalities in this region, such as: Llers, Avinyonet de Puigventós, Palau-saverdera, Vila-sacra, Vulajuïga and Sant Miquel de Fluvià.

What to do during our stay in the Alt Empordà region?

It is a region with a wide range of possibilities. We highlight the following activities:

Visit of ruins. As can be seen in the description of the localities, in Alto Ampurdán there are many Iberian, Roman and even Greek remains. Therefore, we recommend that you visit at least some of them. In San Martín de Ampurias (belonging to the municipality of La Escala) we can find the ancient city of Ampurias also known as Empúries or Blaberura. It is an ancient Greek and Roman city that was founded in 575 BC.

Visit of museums. Thanks to the cultural wealth that this region has, we can find different museums, all of which are very interesting. We recommend: the Toy Museum (in Figueres), Salvador Dalí's house museum (in Cadaqués), Dalí's theater museum (in Figueres), Ecomuseo-Harinera (in Castelló d'Empúries) and the Ampurias archeology museum (in La Scale).

Dalí. Salvador Dalí was born in Figueras in 1904 and lived in Cadaqués, therefore, in this region we can follow in his footsteps. As we have mentioned in the previous point, we can visit the Dalí house museum in Cadaqués and the Dalí theater museum in Figueres.

Beaches. Much of the region is on the coast and because of this we can enjoy its beaches and coves. Some as well known as: Cala Lladó Beach (in Roses), Cala Rostella Beach (in Roses), Cadaqués Beach or Caials Beach.

In addition, you can also do more risky activities such as parachute jumping in Empuriabrava, diving in Roses, doing vertical jumping in San Pedro Pescador or taking balloon rides.

Somrurals is from Alt Empordà, and you?

In addition to this, the following regions also make up Girona: La Cerdanya, Garrotxa, El Ripollès, Gironès, Baix Empordà, La Selva, Ripollès, Pla de l’Estany or Osona.

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Frequent questions

How much does a rural house cost in Alt Empordà?

The prices of a rural house in Pla de l’estany may vary depending on the time of year and its services. We have simpler houses and very complete houses with all kinds of services. Usually the price for a weekend is between € 25 and € 50 per person and night on the weekend.

What are the main rural tourism areas to visit in Alt Empordà?

The most popular areas among people who book a house in Alt Empordà are:

What are the best valued and relevant houses?

Among all the rural tourism houses of the Alt Empordà in Somrurals, which have received a higher average rating, evaluating different aspects of their stay, by our clients, we find these options

1.- SR-575
2.- SR-120
3.- SR-568

The most recommended options to go to isolated houses?

These are the rural houses of Alt Empordà as a couple, with a better evaluation. The most valued aspects are privacy, as well as charm and authenticity.

1.- SR-109
2.- SR-622
3.- SR-568

The best options to go in a group?

The rural houses in the Alt Empordà for groups, stand out for offering ample spaces, and a number of rooms that make it easy to host groups. The most popular are

1.- SR-109
2.- SR-622
3.- SR-575

How to book a house online in Alt Empordà with Somrurals?

On the Somrurals website you can reserve your rural house in Alt Empordà online. By using the date and number of people selector, you will be able to see the prices online and complete the reservation, with the advance payment of the amount of the reservation. You will receive all the information on your phone.

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