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4 - 6 persons, 3 Rooms, 3 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
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6 - 9 persons, 4 Rooms, 4 Bathrooms
Terrace Pool Barbecue
Minimum 2 Nights
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10 - 15 persons, 6 Rooms, 3 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Charm Family / Children Groups
From 27.5 Person / Night
10 - 15 persons, 6 Rooms, 6 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Barbecue
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Isolated Charm Groups


Somrurals gives you the opportunity to rent rural houses in one of the largest regions in Catalonia. You can stay in one of the rural houses that we offer you while you enjoy the area and relax.

What should we know about Alt Urgell?

Alto Urgel, Alt Urgell in Catalan, is a region that is located in the province of Lleida and that borders the following regions: Pallars Sobirà, Cerdanya, Berguedà, Solsonès, Noguera and Pallars Jussà. In addition, it also borders Andorra to the north. Another aspect to highlight is that it is divided into the following sub-regions: Baridá, Segre Mitjà and Urgelet.
In reference to the area, with approximately 1,446 square kilometers , it is the second region with the largest area in all of Catalonia. In total, it is made up of 19 municipalities, among which we highlight the following: La Seu d'Urgell (capital), Oliana, Ribera d'Urgellet, Coll de Nargó and Montferrer i Castellbò. Despite being one of the largest in terms of area, it has the peculiarity that it is one of the least populated.

Using the following means of transport you can easily access this region:

Car. The following highways cross the region: N-260, N-145 and C-14.
Bus. To get to the capital, La Seu d'Urgell, you can take buses in the main cities of Catalonia: Esparraguera, Igualada, Barcelona, Terrasa, Vic, Monistrol de Montserrat, etc.

Plane. The main airports in Catalonia are at the following distance: Lleida 140 kilometers , Reus-Tarragona 170 kilometers, Gerona-Costa Brava 190 kilometers and Barcelona-El Prat 200 kilometers. Something to note is that there is a small airport called Andorra-La Seu. However, it is currently only used for sporting purposes.

Train. Although the capital is a large municipality, it currently does not have a train station.

If we refer to the location of Alt Urgell in Catalonia, we could say that it is in the area of the Pyrenees, that is, northwest of Catalonia. In addition, as we have mentioned previously, it limits to the north with the Principality of Andorra.

The 5 towns that you must visit before leaving

From this region we recommend that before leaving you visit at least the following five towns:

Seo de Urgel (La Seu d'Urgell in Catalan). It is the capital of the region and the most populated municipality of all. It is known for being very close to Andorra and for having different places of historical and heritage interest. We suggest you visit the following: House of the City of the year 1470 and where the town hall and the council seminary are currently located.

Oliana. After La Seu it is the most populated town in the entire region. We recommend that you visit the remains of the castle of Oliana , the old parish of Sant Andreu and the church of Santa Eulalia de Anovés . These last two are of Romanesque origin.

Ribera d'Urgellet. This municipality includes different urban centers among which are: Gramos, Nabiers or Pla de Sant Tirs. In all these urban centers there are many places of interest, such as: the parish church of San Martín and San Ponce of Romanesque origin , the hermitage of San Germán also of Romanesque origin and the monastery of San Clemente that is believed to date from the year 800.

Coll de Nargó . It is known because three major rivers of Catalonia pass through it: Segre, Perles and Sellent. It also has different places of cultural interest, such as: the parish church of Sant Climent, the Romanesque temple of Sant Joan or the Romanesque church of San Saturnino .

Montferrer i Castellbò . As a particularity we could highlight that it is the largest municipal term in the entire region, and that it encompasses 27 population centers. Thanks to this it has many places of interest, such as: the remains of the old castle of Castellbó , the remains of the sanctuary of Joan de Erm or the church of Romanesque origin located in San Andrés de Castellbó.

In addition to the above, they also make up the region: Alàs i Cerc, Peramola, Bassella, Cava, Estimariu, Arsèguel, Cabó, Fígols i Alinyà, Organyà, Josa i Tuixén, Les Valls d'Aguilar, El pont de Bar, La Vansa i Fórnols and Les Valls de Valira .

What to do during our stay in the Alt Urgell region?

Being such an extensive region, you can do many activities. In addition, as it is located in the Pyrenees, we can do different mountain and winter sports. We recommend that you do any of the following activities during your stay:

Winter sports. As it is located in the Pyrenees we can find ski resorts very close to the capital. For example, the Nordic ski resort of San Juan de Erm with 50 kilometers of slopes.

Adventure sports. If you like risky sports in this region you can practice the following: canoeing, climbing, canyoning, paragliding, hang gliding, rafting and many more.

Routes. As in other regions, you can enjoy hiking trails, mountain bike routes or even off-road or 4x4. We highlight the following routes: route from La Seu to Anserall, route through the Nargó reservoir and route through the Coll mountain.

Visits to cultural places of interest. If you like historical places, we recommend that you visit some of the churches or monasteries that we have mentioned in the previous point. In addition, you may also be interested in the following: Convent of the Sagrada Familia de la Seu de Urgell, Archbishop Palace of la Seu de Urgell, or Torre Palomar de Bescaran (municipality of Valles de Valira).

Museums. There are several museums in this region. We highlight the diocesan museum of La Seu de Urgell, the accordion museum and the wool factory of the municipality of Arsèguel.

In addition, you can also take balloon rides, guided tours, play golf, run in car circuits or horseback riding .

Somrurals is from Alt Urgell, and you?

This is one of the largest regions in Catalonia. Even so, Lleida is also made up of the following: Alta RibagorçaSolsonésPallars SobiràCerdanyaGarriguesNogueraPallars JussáPla d’UrgellSegarraSegriàUrgell and Val d’Aran

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Frequent questions

How much does a rural house cost in Alt Urgell?

The prices of a rural house in Alt Urgell may vary depending on the time of year and its services. We have simpler houses and very complete houses with all kinds of services. Usually the price for a weekend is between € 25 and € 50 per person and night on the weekend.

What are the main rural tourism areas to visit in Alt Urgell? The most popular areas among people who book a house in Alt Urgell are:

What are the best valued and relevant houses?

Among all the rural tourism houses of Alt Urgell in Somrurals, which have received a higher average rating, evaluating different aspects of their stay, by our clients, we find these options:

1. SR-334
2. SR-579
3. SR-327
4. SR-328

The most recommended options to go as a couple?

These are the rural houses of Alt Urgell as a couple, with a better evaluation. The most valued aspects are privacy, as well as charm and authenticity.

1. SR-331
2. SR-329
3. SR-525
4. SR-330 

The best options to go in a group?

The rural houses in Alt Urgell for groups, stand out for offering spacious spaces, and a number of rooms that make it easy to host groups. The most popular are:

1. SR-332
2. SR-334
3. SR-333
4. SR-579

How to book a house online in Alt Urgell with Somrurals?

On the Somrurals website you can reserve your rural house in Alt Urgell online. By using the date and number of people selector, you will be able to see the prices online and complete the reservation, with the advance payment of the amount of the reservation. You will receive all the information on your phone.

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