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There are 7 Holiday cottages waiting in Tarragona
From 27.5 Person / Night
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Som Rurals - SR - 505 | Conca de Barberà
Guialmons (Conca de Barberà, Tarragona) Minimum 2 Nights
People 2 - 4 Rooms 2 Bathrooms 2
Barbecue Wifi
Near River / Lake Paperback Mountain
From 18.2 Person / Night
Som Rurals - SR-382 | Terra Alta
Bot (Terra Alta, Tarragona) Minimum 2 Nights
People 2 - 5 Rooms 3 Bathrooms 2
Terrace Barbecue Wifi
Charm Paperback
From 23.64 Person / Night
Som Rurals - SR-394 | Baix Camp
Riudoms (Baix Camp, Tarragona) Minimum 2 Nights
People 8 - 12 Rooms 5 Bathrooms 2
Garden Terrace Pool
Groups Family / Children Isolated
From 28.33 Person / Night
Som Rurals - SR-398 | Baix Camp
Riudoms (Baix Camp, Tarragona) Minimum 2 Nights
People 11 - 16 Rooms 8 Bathrooms 6
Garden Terrace Pool
Charm Family / Children Isolated
From 20.19 Person / Night
Som Rurals - SR-377 | Terra Alta
Horta de Sant Joan (Terra Alta, Tarragona) Minimum 2 Nights
People 8 - 13 Rooms 5 Bathrooms 2
Garden Terrace Pool
Charm Groups Paperback
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Perhaps, the province that a priori least relate to rural tourism is Tarragona, located in the south of Catalonia, has a territory full of attractions and places of interest ideal to spend a few days and relax daily . Tarragona is a land that goes far beyond sun and beach tourism, in fact, it is full of culture, traditions, gastronomy, and history, ideal for a rural tourism stay.


Natural Heritage


Beyond sun and beach tourism, the province of Tarragona has many other attractions, in which we find an enriched natural heritage where to disconnect and be in direct contact with nature.


The Delta de l’Ebre is one of the largest wetlands in Europe, and has a unique, unique and incomparable framework. A landscape with a great biological richness thanks to the large quantity of flora and fauna that inhabit this area, especially migratory birds. It is a paradise for lovers of ornithology, but it is also an ideal environment for trekking or for cycling on the different paths that run through the Natural Park.


In addition to these lands there is also a great number of traditions and gastronomy, it is typical of the Delta del Ebro eating good rice grown in the area, on the banks of the river, or for the most daring can also try the eel from the area.


Another natural charm we find in the province of Tarragona is the Natural Park of the Ports, located between Aragón, Valencia and Tarragona, offering a great landscape richness away from the tourist springs and the stress that cities generate. There are a number of paths that make the Ports Park one of the best places in the province to practice hiking.


This region of the province of Tarragona offers a wide variety of flora and fauna that are typical of high mountain areas, and therefore, in the south of Catalonia, they can only be found in the Ports. The mountain villages we find in the area maintain their traditions, such as craft with vegetable fibers, creating traditional everyday objects, the most important villages in the area are: Mas de Barberans, Alfara de Carles, Paüls, or Horta of Sant Joan, the natural place where Picasso found inspiration.




Tarragona is a Mediterranean region and therefore its gastronomy can not be other than Mediterranean cuisine. As a common denominator, gastronomy in all areas of Tarragona is based on natural products of proximity, with a great influence on the Mediterranean Sea. Recipes with a predominance of fish, vegetables and sweets create a delightful offer to accompany a rural stay in southern Catalonia.



The main dishes or gastronomic traditions that we recommend are the following:


  • The calçots of Valls
  • The vermouth of Reus
  • The rice of Delta de l’Ebre
  • Prades potatoes
  • The tuna of Ametlla de Mar

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