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1 - 2 persons, 1 Rooms, 1 Bathrooms Outside shared services
Heated Pool Garden Terrace
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Charm Family / Children Paperback
2 - 4 persons, 2 Rooms, 2 Bathrooms Outside shared services
Heated Pool Garden Terrace
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Paperback Mountain Family / Children
2 - 4 persons, 2 Rooms, 3 Bathrooms Outside shared services
Heated Pool Garden Terrace
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Family / Children Romantic Paperback
10 - 14 persons, 5 Rooms, 3 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Paperback Near River / Lake Groups
From 44 Person / Night
8 - 13 persons, 6 Rooms, 6 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Charm Groups Paperback
From 26.15 Person / Night
10 - 15 persons, 6 Rooms, 4 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Mountain Paperback Family / Children
10 - 22 persons, 9 Rooms, 4 Bathrooms
Heated Pool Garden Terrace
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Mountain Charm Paperback
16 - 22 persons, 7 Rooms, 8 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Paperback Near Nature Reserve Near River / Lake
20 - 30 persons, 13 Rooms, 13 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Family / Children Near River / Lake Mountain
20 - 32 persons, 11 Rooms, 9 Bathrooms
Garden Terrace Pool
Minimum 2 Nights
For: Groups Near Nature Reserve Isolated
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Somrurals gives you the opportunity to enjoy Bergueda by reserving rural houses in this region with wonderful and incomparable landscapes. We are going to explain everything you need to know about it.

What should we know about Berguedà?

Berguedà, also known as Bergadá, is a region that is located in the province of Barcelona . Even so, it has a peculiarity and that is that one of its municipalities, specifically the town of Gósol, is located in the province of Lleida .

Its capital is Berga and it has an area of approximately 1,185 square kilometers . It is made up of a total of 31 municipalities, among which are some as well known as: Gironella, La Pobla de Lillet or Bagà.

As for its location in Catalonia, it is located in the center, very close to the Pyrenees and the Pre-Pyrenees. If you want to visit it, you can do it both by public transport and private transport.

If you decide to go by car , you can get to Berga (the capital) from Barcelona on the C-16 and it is about an hour away. Of course, it is remarkable that all access roads are in very good condition.

If you choose to go by public transport you can do it by bus from Barcelona, Vic, Solsona, Ripoll, Andorra, etc. There is also a tourist train called “ Tren del Ciment ” that departs from La Pobla de Lillet and reaches Clot del Moro (municipality of Castellar de n'Hug).

Another aspect that we love is that it has both a mountainous area and a depression area. This is because the region is divided in two. On the one hand, Alt Berguedà is a mountainous area and, on the other hand, Baix Berguedà is an area that is located in the Central Catalan Depression and that is made up of wonderful valleys and forests.

Due to the above, the landscapes of this region are very diverse. We can find very high peaks while there are large areas of meadows and forests. This makes it ideal both for those who want to enjoy the mountains and for those who want to spend a few days in the meadows .

The 5 towns that you must visit before leaving

As we have commented, the region is made up of a total of 31 municipalities. All of them are very beautiful and have a special charm. However, we recommend that before leaving you visit at least the following:

Berga. As you already know, it is the capital of the region. In this municipality we would like to highlight the following locations: the Plaza de Sant Pere of medieval origin, the church of Sant Joan de Berga of Romanesque origin and the Portal de Santa Magdalena. The latter has a special charm because it is the only gate of medieval origin that the town conserves out of a total of seven that it had in ancient times.

Gironella. If we like something about this municipality, it is that it has a Gothic bridge that is located over the well-known Llobregat river. In addition, it also has a medieval castle built between the 9th and 12th centuries. This castle has very well preserved walls and a tower.

Puig-Reig. This town also has two fortresses of medieval origin. On the one hand, the Castle or Tower of Merola of which the north wall is preserved and, on the other hand, the Castle of Puig-Reig.

Bagà. Of this population we highlight the Romanesque Gothic church of Sant Esteve, the porched square and the medieval center. Likewise, we can also find the Palacio de los Pinós of great cultural interest.

Besides these five villages, we also love La Pobla de Lillet, Castellar de n'Hug (also known as Castellar de Nuch), Gósol and Cercs (also known as Serchs). 

What to do during our stay in the Berguedà region?

If we love something about this region, it is that it has very beautiful landscapes that are very different from each other . This leads to the realization of different types of activities that aim to contact nature.

We recommend that while you are in Berguedà you do at least some of the following:      

Routes. There are all kinds of routes (hiking, trekking, etc.). The best known are: La Portella roads, Camino de los Buenos Hombres, circular route through Pedraforca and Ascent to Tosa d'Alp. Likewise, you can also do different routes by mountain bike, BTT or MTB. In this way you can enjoy all the landscapes of the region.      
Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. It is a park that joins the Cadí and Moixeró mountain ranges, this means that there is great biodiversity and places with a lot of charm.                                
Sources of the Llobregat. It is a route of low difficulty that will take you to know the source of the Llobregat river. The starting point is the municipality of Castellar de n'Hug. We can see the waterfall where the water that forms one of the most important rivers in Catalonia flows.

Sports activities. This region is the protagonist of many activities related to nature and the environment, such as: climbing, caving or geocaching.

Snow sports. The alpine ski resorts of La Molina and Masella are located in this region. Thanks to this you can ski in the winter months. Between the two they have a total of 145 kilometers of skiable slopes.

Forests of Pedraforca. Pedraforca is one of the best known mountains in Catalonia and is in the Sierra del Cadí and this, in turn, is in the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park (mentioned a little above). You can climb to the top of this mountain and enjoy all the forests that we can find around it.

Although these are the most emblematic and well-known places, you can also see the Cercs Mines Museum, Colonia Vidal, Queralt Sanctuary, Bullidor de la Llet waterfall, Artigas Gardens or navigate through the Baells reservoir.

Somrurals is Berguedà, and you?

This is just one of the many regions of Barcelona. Likewise, the following are well known: Alt PenedèsAnoiaBagesBaix LlobregatBarcelonèsGarrafMaresmeOsonaVallès Occidental and Vallès Oriental.

The opinions of our accommodations

Irene (Barcelona)
- Excellent 21-03-2020
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Marta (Cornella De Llobregat )
- Excellent 04-03-2020
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Jesús (Esplugues Del Llobregat)
- Excellent 27-01-2020
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Elena (Tarragona )
- Excellent 02-12-2019
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Frequent questions

How much does a rural house cost in Berguedà?

The prices of a rural house in Berguedà may vary depending on the time of year and its services. We have simpler houses and very complete houses with all kinds of services.

Usually the price for a weekend is between € 25 and € 50 per person and night on the weekend.

What are the main rural tourism areas to visit in Berguedà?

The most popular areas among people who book a house in Berguedà are:

2. Berga 
4. Casserres 

What are the best valued and relevant houses?

Among all the rural tourism houses of Berguedà in Somrurals, which have received a higher average rating, evaluating different aspects of their stay, by our clients, we find these options:

1. SR-569
2. SR-562 
3. SR-565 
4. SR-353

The most recommended options to go as a couple?

These are the Berguedà rural houses as a couple, with a better evaluation. The most valued aspects are privacy, as well as charm and authenticity.

1. SR-418
2. SR-543
3. SR-200
4. SR-414

The best options to go in a group?

The rural houses in Berguedà for groups, stand out for offering spacious spaces, and a number of rooms that make it easy to host groups. The most popular are:

1. SR-565 
2. SR-519 
3. SR-229 
4. SR-535 

How to book a house online in Berguedà with Somrurals?

On the Somrurals website you can reserve your rural house in Berguedà online. By using the date and number of people selector, you will be able to see the prices online and complete the reservation, with the advance payment of the amount.

You will receive all the information on your phone.

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