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2 - 4 persons, 2 Rooms, 1 Bathrooms
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Somrurals gives you the opportunity to get to know the region that houses the capital of the province of Girona. Known for having spectacular landscapes and many cultural attractions. Thanks to Somrurals you can book rural houses in different places in the region.

What should we know about Gironès?

Gironès , is a region that is located in the province of Girona . Its capital is Girona and it is made up of 27 different municipalities , the following being the best known: Girona (capital), Salt, Llagosera, Cassà de la Selva, Sarrià de Ter and Celrà.

Regarding its surface , it has a total of approximately 575 square kilometers . This places it in 29th place in the ranking of the total area of the regions of Catalonia. It borders the following regions : Selva, Garrotxa, Pla de l'Estany and Baix Empordà.

As a curiosity we could say that the municipalities that currently belong to the Pla de l'Estany region until 1988 belonged to this region.

If you don't know how to get there, we recommend that you use some of the following means of transport:

Car. Being the capital of the province, this region is bathed by some of the most important highways: AP-7, A-2, N-II, C-25, C-65 or C-66.

Bus. Girona has a large bus station . You can get to it almost from anywhere on the peninsula.

Plane. Girona has an airport called Girona-Costa Brava (GRO). You can currently fly from Germany, Ireland, Poland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium or even Russia and from other airports in Spain. Once you arrive at the airport terminal you can take buses that will take you to different parts of the region.

Train. Girona has a station that welcomes long-distance lines and that connects the region with France, Barcelona and Madrid . In addition, they also have medium-distance trains that leave from Barcelona and go to Figueras, Portbou and Cerbère. In addition, the RG1 line connects this region with the following: Maresme, Selva and Alto Ampurdán.

Regarding the location of this region in Catalonia, we could say that it is located to the northeast, housing part of the pre-coastal depression, part of the Las Gavarras massif and the Sierra or mountains of Rocacorba.

The 5 towns that you must visit before leaving

Throughout the 27 towns that make up the region, we can find countless places of interest. We highlight the following five municipalities for being the most populated and the best known:

Girona (capital). As we have commented, it is the capital of the region and also the capital of the province. It is made up of 9 different neighborhoods and has various places that belong to the artistic heritage: Gerona Cathedral, La Judería or El Call Jueu, Arab Baths, old Santa Catalina Hospital, etc. In addition, you may also be interested in their holiday periods. We highlight "Girona Time of Flowers" in which the city is completely filled with flowers.

Salt. After Girona, it is the most populated municipality in the region. It is a very well-connected municipality with different bus lines. We recommend that you visit the Coma-Cros cultural factory or the water museum.

Llagostera . Although it is not one of the most populated or the largest, it is one of the best known thanks to its various places of interest. We highlight: Sant Feliu Church from the 15th century and in the Gothic style, Llagostera Castle from the 13th century (currently in ruins) and the Chapel of San Lorenzo from the 11th century.

Cassà de la Selva. It is known for its old town, where you can visit the 16th century Gothic parish church of Sant Martí and the old train station that is currently a place for exhibiting exhibitions.

Sarrià de Ter. Of this we highlight the monastery of San Pedro de Galligans. It is a Benedictine abbey from the twentieth century and declared a Site of Cultural Interest (Historical Heritage of Spain).

Although the above are the best known and most populated, the region is made up of other municipalities: Aiguaviva, Bescanó, Bordils, Campllong, Canet d'Adri, Vilablareix, Viladasens, Sant Martí de Llémena, Sant Jordi Desvalls, Sant Gregori, Celrà, Sant Martí Vell, Sant Julià de Ramis, Sant Joan de Mollet, Sant Andreu Salou, Quart, Llambilles, Juià, Fornells de la Selva, Cervià de Ter, Madremanya and Flaçà.

What to do during our stay in the Gironès region?

During the days you stay in this region you can do all kinds of activities. We highlight the following:

Routes. The best known routes are the hiking trails, although you can also do most of them by mountain bike. The ones we like the most are: Ter-Montaña de los Sants Metges, Gavarres-Madremanya and Volcán de la Crosa de Sant Dalmai.

Museums. It is a region with a great cultural heritage. If you like museums, you can visit any of the following: Girona Art Museum, Jewish History Museum (Girona), Sant Julià de Ramis Fortress Museum, Underwater Archeology Center (Girona), Museum of l ' Aigua (Salt) or Quart pottery museum.

Castles. The province of Girona is a place where we can find many castles. In this region we highlight: Palol Castle (in Quart), Guironella Tower (in Girona), Cartellá Castle (in Girona) , Mabarrera Castle (in Celrà) and Millars Castle (in Madremaña).

Visit the Jewish quarter and Arab remains of Girona. As we have commented previously, in Girona you can find Arab baths or Jewish places. Thanks to them you will be able to see the different cultures that make up the city.

Adventure sports. If you like risky experiences, in this region you can enjoy different adventure sports and tourism activities.

For example: flights in a wind tunnel, motorcycle routes, skydiving, horseback riding, canoeing along the Ter River, etc.  

Somrurals is from Gironès, and you?

In addition to this, the following regions also make up Girona: La CerdanyaGarrotxaEl RipollèsAlt EmpordàBaix EmpordàLa SelvaPla de l’Estany u Osona.

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Frequent questions

How much does a rural house in Gironès cost?

The prices of a rural house in Gironès may vary depending on the time of year and its services. We have simpler houses and very complete houses with all kinds of services. Usually the price for a weekend is between € 25 and € 50 per person and night on the weekend.

What are the main rural tourism areas to visit in Gironès?

The most popular areas among people who book a house in Gironès are:

What are the best valued and relevant houses?

Among all the rural tourism houses of the Gironès in Somrurals, which have received a higher average rating, evaluating different aspects of their stay, by our clients, we find these options

1.- SR-187
2.- SR-286
3.- SR-179

The most recommended options to go as a couple?

These are the rural houses of Gironès as a couple, with a better evaluation. The most valued aspects are privacy, as well as charm and authenticity.

1.- SR-482
2.- SR-484

The best options to go in a group?

The rural houses in the Gironès for groups, stand out for offering spacious spaces, and a number of rooms that make it easy to host groups. The most popular are

1.- SR-680
2.- SR-187
3.- SR-612

How to book a house online in Gironès with Somrurals?

On the Somrurals website you can reserve your rural house in Gironès online. By using the date and number of people selector, you will be able to see the prices online and complete the reservation, with the advance payment of the amount of the reservation. You will receive all the information on your phone.

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